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Chamdor Faktry Sales


Chamdor Faktry Sales is the largest Fabric Warehouse in Africa. They have Four outlets, Three in Gauteng and the fourth one in Newcastle - KwaZulu Natal. We have been associated with Chamdor since June 2005. Our bond have grown stronger and stronger as the Custom Designed System that we developed for them has evolved as their business has grown.

Initially, we developed as simple front end for their Point-of-sale needs. As their needs grew and become more sophisticated, we introduced them to our unique Top Down methodology of defining Product Ranges and controlling of the Fabric Rolls etc. Now, they have designated a special area where the container goods are received, each Fabric Roll is labeled and then these goods are either stored in their specific locations or dispatched to the various branches. All the workflow processes are controlled through the system. While the goods are being captured, photographs of each type of Fabric is captured and stored, then sample sheets are produced for referencing containing these pictures.

An Offline module was developed in order to capture Sales when the Network is not available due to some unforeseen circumstances. The Offline transactions are uploaded once the Network is operational.
The pictures that are saved, are displayed at every product selection and these can be zoomed in to if necessary.
The product coding and Bar coding is setup at the Warehouse. These are then transferred to each of the Branches, so that the coding integrity is maintained through out.

All other features that are found in our standard POSibility Premium system have been put in this system as well.

pos chamdor chamdor chamdor chamdor BRANCHES
Chamdor Faktry Sales Chamdor, Krugersdorp, West Rand
Chamdor Faktry Sales Northlands Deco Park, North Riding
Chamdor Faktry Sales Edenvale, East Rand
Scott Street fabrics Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal