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bearings and brake city

Bearings and brake city

Bearings & Brakes Parts City is a very well established Key player in the South African Bearings market with a team and management that are highly motivated and committed individuals. This company was founded in 1997. They are the importer and distributor of many international brands of Bearings, Brakes and Oil Seals. This company has grown in leaps and bounds since our association with them.

Prior to our introduction, this company had used two of the more popular local software (Sales and Stock Management) to run their business, but they were not satisfied with the software, since it did not fulfil many of their requirements. In late 2002, we were asked to demo our standard POSibility Point-of-sale System.

After trying out the software for a period of time, in January 2003, we were commissioned to customize the software extensively to meet their requirements. In May 2003, we were supposed to run parallel with their prevailing system for a month, but the instant success and popularity the system enjoyed on the first day of its operation that the management decided to go live with the system on the second day of the trial (5th May 2003). Since then the system has grown from strength to strength, meeting numerous challenges on the way and far exceeding many expectations. The company has grown from one company into three different companies (Bearing Connections & Spartan Fluid Sealing), each concentrating on different sector of the market. The product range has grown many folds, so has the warehousing capacity and stock holding. There are many features in the system which were developed specifically for the Company. Following are some of these:

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Alternate Products
Each product is linked to its matching alternate, so that when one of them is enquired upon, immediately all the Alternate products are displayed with each alternate's Price and Stock Availability. This is an extremely useful Facility.
Stock Sharing
The different company's Stock Holding is shared between companies, so that if the stock is not available in the current company then it can be sourced from one of the sister companies. All the movements for the month are also displayed.
12 Months Sales
On Stock Enquiry, past 12 months sales in each company is displayed.
Watch List
One can prepare as many Watch List as one would like. These Watch Lists allow the user to produce any Stocks or Sales reports targeting the specific Products that are setup in that Watch List. Even the Pricing Updates or Stock Takes can be targeted at specific products.
Product Selection
Whenever Products need to be selected for either updating of Pricing or Printing Stock or Sales reports, a special screen is provided to select Products or Range of Products based on various Criteria.
Pricing Structure
The system has a very comprehensive pricing structure built into it, whereby many different types of pricing can be setup simultaneously. This will result in the correct pricing (based on the precedence) to be applied during invoicing.
pos chamdor


In a recent survey conducted by one of the Bearings companies on Key Performance Index, it was found that Bearings & Brakes Parts City was the runaway leader in the following criteria:

  • Instant pricing & stock availability on telephonic queries.
  • Availability of alternate products & pricing instantaneously.
  • Quotation in either Print or PDF email format available within minutes.
  • Invoicing done immediately.

The above performance gives them a significant edge over their competitors. RapidSoft’s decade long association with them has been extremely satisfying and fruitful for both parties. RapidSoft is grateful that Bearings and Brakes Parts City has entrusted them with such a key project and allowing them to showcase their skills. At the same time, RapidSoft is proud to be instrumental in the growth of this company and giving them the competitive edge in this highly specialised market.

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